Marieke (get2thepointe) wrote in bostoncollege09,

The Countdown . . .

13 days left of High School (and on one of those days we get to miss all our classes to have our senior picnic, slideshow, and talent show)

24 days until graduation

Woot woot :o )
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0 days left of high school here :-)

I wish I was already done with High School.
Done with waking up at 6 in the morning for school.
Done with studying for Econ tests (ughh, I have one tomorrow and it isn't helping that my mother is pratically yelling on the phone and that my dog is barking downstairs :-\)
Done with petty homework assignments.
Done with it all.
last day of senior classes: May 10
senior prom: May 25
Graduation: June 1

I love how my school gives us an entire month off before graduation.
Yaaa mine too

last day of senior classes: April 29th (oh yes, im done)
prom: May 24th
Graduation: May 27th

although, in that month we have AP finals and community service
My last day of class is the 2nd of June or something. Graduation's the 12th. Blah.
yay i win
last day of classes jun 13.
prom jun 23rd
graduation jun 26th

yea it sux
haha WOW
You graduate an entire month after me.