If I was Bob Marley, I'd say could you be loved? (igby_saoirse) wrote in bostoncollege09,
If I was Bob Marley, I'd say could you be loved?

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crossroads seem to come and go, the gypsy flies from coast to coast, knowing many loving nights

Hey everyone. I already filled out one of those survey things but I just got back from England about a week ago and I felt like sharing a little picture post.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Well I think so at least, haha...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is a picture of me in Stratford upon Avon. I was bored while we were waiting for our bus to go back to London.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is a picture from Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. It was pretty much really really fantastic.

If you want to see more pictures check out my lj.

but for now...





Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Taco Bell Sauceheart
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Wow. Did you see the peacock(s) just roaming along the road?
I love the Hever Castle picture and, of course, the taco bell sauce heart.

I want to go to London for study abroad my Junior Year. Either London or somewhere in Italy.
at warwick castle they have a peacock garden and there are like 10 peacocks and they just roam around. it took us a good hour of standing there before they posed with their feathers up for us.

the best part about the taco bell sauce heart is that it did that on its own. we were in the detroit airport and my friend mitchell got taco bell and poured all the sauce out and i said "hey mitchell look" and there it was in all its glory..the taco bell sauceheart.

london is amazing!! that is where i want to study abroad or australia.
why were you in England? for a vacation?

All this talk about college makes me so excited for this summer's orientation. I cannot wait to meet more people that will be attending BC in the fall.
drama company at my school...

there's a trip every 2 years. i didn't go my sophomore year..so i went this year.

i am super excited about going to bc!
I've only seen a peacock once in my life...and the feathers weren't up. I was disappointed...and I was probably around five.
there were about 10 peacocks in the garden..and we would just run back and forth between all of them because all of them would hint at putting up their feathers and then they would put them down again, we did this for about an hour. but finally the lady peacocks arrived and they were all about putting up the feathers then...le sigh.
What teases.
that's what i'm sayin