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Hi, I'm Liz.. I just sent in my stuff for BC, and I'm pretty excited. I'm majoring in nursing, and although I love track & field I won't be running for the BC team. Some of my friends joined LJ communities for their schools, so I thought I'd give it a shot. It'd be nice to get to know some people from this class =)

Name: Liz Ryan
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 6th (I'm still 17 =/)
Hometown: Canton, MA
School: Canton High
Favorite Subject: Science generally, but also economics, French
Least Favorite Subject: English
Intended Major?: Nursing
What you spend your free time doing: hanging out with my friends/boyfriend, going to shows, sports (cross country, track), volunteering, working on photography/art (I'm not that good, but I enjoy it), I'm in a band with some friends, so playing shows I guess
Favorite Movies: I heart huckabees, Napoleon Dynamite, Monty Python, The Jerk, Royal Tennenbaums, Office Space, Requiem for a Dream, MST 3000
Favorite Books: naked, the fall, cry the beloved country.. I like novels but I like reading about different topics more..science girl, what can I say
Favorite Music: I like a lot of different genres, I love bands like OK Go, Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, Something Corporate, Saves the Day, & New Found Glory but I also like different genres, bands like Radiohead, Keane, Dispatch, Big D and the Kids Table, Blink182, and I can appreciate hip hop and jazz
Something about you we'd find interesting: I'm a lifeguard... I love coffee.. stand-up comedy.. I'm vegetarian? Idk haha. I'm really excited about this fall, but kindof nervous as well.

I have a myspace [http://www.myspace.com/_lfunk] and I'm under the BC Eagles group, so if you have one you should join! And if you don't have a space you should make one! =D
Drop me a line-- AIM: I love Naguib

Borrowed from Marieke
i n f o r m a t i o n
1. name: Liz
2. single or taken: taken
3. sex: female
4. birthday: June 6, 1987
5. sign: Gemini
6. siblings: Older and younger sister
7. hair color: strawberry blonde
8. eye color: blue-green
9. shoe size: 11
10. height: 5'8"
11. originally from: Canton, MA
12. current home: same place

r e l a t i o n s h i p s
1. best friend?: I do
2. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: his name is Matthew

f a s h i o n | s t u f f
1. where is your favorite place to shop: H&M, Delias
2. any tattoos or piercings?: ears, thinking about getting my nose pierced
3. shoes: skater-ish sneakers, flip-flops, rocket dog slip on shoes, mary-janes

s p e c i f i c s
1. do you do smoke/drink?: used to smoke kindof, don't like to drink really
2. what kind of shampoo do you use?: garnier
3. what are you most scared of?: life altering injuries, failure I suppose
4. what are you listening to right now? dane cook
5. who is the last person that called you?: Matthew
6. where do you want to get married?: not sure
7. how many buddies are online right now?: not online right now
8. what would you change about yourself?: be more confident and assertive
9. do you keep a journal/diary?: kindof
10. personality positives: caring, nice, friendly
11. personality negatives: absent-minded, late, messy

f a v o r i t e s
1. color: yellow green
2. food: i love food..couldn't choose. i love fruits and vegetables, and all kinds of bread.
3. boys names: Damian, Keith
4. girls names: Eloise, Brody
5. subjects in school: Economics, physics
6. animals: kitties
7. sports: I love running track and cross country, but I like to watch baseball mostly, tennis is pretty cool too, I'm learning
8. hobbies: Photography, music (playing, listening, writing--attempting it, rather), & I love to cook
9. music: emo, punk, ska, rock..a little hip hop and some jazz

c u r r e n t
1. clothes: jeans, teeshirt and sweater
2. make-up: none
3. mood: tired
4. desktop picture: a drawing from exploding-dog.com
5. cd in player: radiohead-ok computer
6. annoyance: i'm not really annoyed at the moment =)
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I'm tired of still being 17 too.

Dane Cook came to our high school Friday, it was pretty amazing. He graduated from Arlington High School (I live in Arlington, MA) so he came back and gave us our own private show basically. It was awesome.
I'm tired of being 17 too! The first semester in College I'm still going to be 17 :-\. I just hope that my age doesn't interfer with social outings . .